Elders in the family need to look after their health especially take care of their hygiene and through the clean surroundings of your home. Preventive health check-ups for senior citizens are a must as they are high-risk due to their advancing age. It is imperative to have a normal full body checkup. Their need for regular medical testing usually increases. They need to be proactive about their health and monitor changes in body.

Preventive health checks up are a series of medical tests undertaken to understand measures needed for disease prevention. Preventive healthcare can detect certain behaviors, habits, infections, medical problems before they become advanced or crucial. The Senior Citizen health check-up is a comprehensive package to screen for common conditions affecting senior citizens. A good senior citizen health check-up package should cover the following tests:

  •   Urine Routine Analysis
  •   Stool Test
  •   Stool Occult Blood
  •   X-Ray Chest (PA view)
  •   Ultrasonogram of the Abdomen (Screening)
  •   Pap Smear (for Women)
  •   Complete Blood Count (CBC) test
  •   Kidney profile checkup
  •   Thyroid profile checkup
  •   Fasting blood glucose test
  •   ECG test (for the heart)
  •   Lipid profile checkup
  •   Liver Function Test
  •   Screening for breast cancer
  •   Prostate cancer screening
  •   Bone density test screening
  •   Hearing test
  •   Blood pressure screening
  •   Eye exam
  •   Dental exam


Vitamins are important for cognitive and overall brain functions, mood and emotions, the blood and circulatory system, the peripheral nervous system, and overall body strength. In the case of senior citizens, tests for certain vitamins like vitamin D, B12, and folate may also be necessary.
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