Know your cholesterol level

Cholesterol is sticky substance that’s found in all the cells in the body. Your body produce some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest foods. But sometimes it starts increasing and causes problems in the body.

Causes of High Cholesterol
  •   Consuming more trans fat and cholesterol in the diet increases the level of cholesterol.
  •   Cholesterol increases mainly by eating animal mutton, milk, eggs, cheese.
  •   Cholesterol also increases due to excess weight gain in the body.
  •   After the age of 20 in individuals, cholesterol starts increasing on its own. Men are more prone to high cholesterol than women.
  •   Cholesterol levels increase with excessive smoking.
  •   Over-consumption of certain medicines can increase the level of LDL bad cholesterol.


Side-Effects of High Cholesterol
  •   Due to the high cholesterol, the arteries of the blood become clogged and form blockages. It affects all parts of the body due to obstruction in blood circulation.
  •   High cholesterol affects a person’s heart. It increases the chances of getting a heart attack.
  •   Due to the high cholesterol, if the flow of blood cannot reach the eyes, it ends the eyesight.
  •   It raises the problems in the brain of a person when cholesterol increases like stress and mental problems etc.
  •   Due to the high cholesterol, the blood does not flow properly, which affects the kidney.


  •   Regular exercise and changing lifestyle habits can control high cholesterol.
  •   Consuming fruits and greens, vegetables, salads is very beneficial to help in reducing cholesterol.
  •   Take more anti-oxidants in the diet. It contains vitamin C, E beta carotene and helps in reducing cholesterol.
  •   Stop consuming a high-fat diet like egg yolk, non-vegetarian food, and stop smoking too, all this increases the cholesterol level.
  •   The heart patient should take more carbohydrates and nutritious food in the diet, which will reduce the high cholesterol.


  •   If the cholesterol increases, the doctor asks for a blood test to know the level of cholesterol.
  •   High cholesterol level often shows no symptoms or signs, in such a situation it is necessary to get a cholesterol test done.
  •   A complete cholesterol test is also called a lipid panel or lipid profile. This is a blood test that measures the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood.
  •   A cholesterol test is mostly done in the morning as it has to be done on an empty stomach


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